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Grain Surfboards Fall Newsletter: Heading West, New Classes, New Boards
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Party Time

It seems that most years, just about the time the hurricane season starts pumping swell up into our corner of New England, we feel the need for a party. So right after our last Fantasy Campers wrap up their boards on Saturday October 16th, we're gonna throw a little Fall potluck here at the shop. Bring something to share, some libations, and hang out with us for a few laughs, to check out the shop and the students' new sticks, and maybe even stay for a bonfire and a new Cyrus Sutton movie.  

Though the word “epic” is applied to everything from good sessions to breakfast sandwiches, you'll find that Cyrus' new flick “Stoked and Broke” really is one. A heroic effort to get a surf trip on the road using no fossil fuels and with no money, two minimalist surfers bounce around SoCal using homemade bamboo rickshaws and skateboards. Shown outside on the wall of our shop – weather permitting – screening this movie on a farm in Maine is not to be missed.


School is Definitely In

spacer imageWe finally posted our class schedule for 2011, but we think that we may have a mild addiction problem. It's been so fun to hang out with all the students and to watch them have the thrill of building their own surfboards, that we're stuffing even more classes into this next year.  Besides the seven-day Board-Building Workshop and the Fantasy Camps, we're inviting two guests to come share their own particular skills. In two separate classes, Jon Wegener will be here to help eight students to build their own paulownia alaias and Cyrus Sutton will oversee the crafting of ten new wood handplanes made from the same cedar used in Grain Surfboards. Keep an eye on the Grain Blog and Class pages for more details as we have them.

To feed our habit, we've also been struggling to develop techniques that will let us have shorter, more affordable classes for those who don't have seven days to spare or just want a little confidence boost before starting their own kit at home. Now, if you have a long weekend free, you can help build a board in just three days. We'll do a little more prep-work for you, but together, we'll apply some new tech that allows a team of three (two students and a Grain board-builder) to whip out a board in the time it takes to paint the baby's room or go to your sister's second husband's nephew's wedding. Look for “Board Blitz” workshops on the Class pages for details.


Cedar Hand Boards

spacer imageYou may have a couple of hand planes already in your trunk for when your session turns to shore-breaking dumpers or for that perfect clean day when you want to get deep with just you. Now we're psyched to be able to offer our own version of what used to be called “hand boards” made from leftovers from our regular board-building process. Grain Hand Boards are solid cedar, with random wood variation details dictated by whatever we find in the scrap bins.  Beautiful, rugged, unique and customizable, these hand boards have an oil finish with no glass and are almost indestructible.


Easy-Kit: Tools for Kit Builders

spacer imageThere're many HomeGrown Kit-builders who don't have a lot of tools and aren't looking for excuses to buy them.  So we thought we'd take that consideration right out of the equation by offering a rental program of tool kits that include PVC and spring clamps, some special rigs for glueing up top and bottom planks and even a freshly sharpened spokeshave. Send us a deposit for the value of the contents, and we'll send you a box loaded with all the stuff you don't have - even a return shipping label.  Return the kit, or send it to the next kit-builder, and we'll refund your deposit minus a small rental fee. One little box of goodies... makes starting a HomeGrown Kit easy.


Booster Blanks

spacer imageFor those that would love to work on their own board, but lack the time or space to set up shop, we're now offering wood surfboard blanks.  Complete and ready for final trimming, shaping and sanding, these blanks take most of the woodworking out of building HomeGrown Kits. They include the complete blank, two chapters from the HomeGrown Builder's Manual, and all the 'glass, epoxy and doo-dads you need for glassing the board. Get the feel of wood without all the woodworking and finish a board that everyone at your home break will notice.


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