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NEW 10'2" Albatross- GreenRail

NEW 10'2" Albatross- GreenRail

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This gorgeous Albatross was built by John here in our York Maine shop and brand new in the racks and ready for wax. 

The Albatross was designed with inspiration from graceful glider shapes by Skip Frye and his disciples—a nod to Skip’s Eagle Glider. It’s extra size allows you to cruise the lineup and cherry-pick waves from way outside. The sleek outline and planing features give the Albatross ultimate speed and trimming ability. Capable of super early wave entry, beating sections and trimming all the way to shore. Walk the length, captain pumps and pivots from the tail, or just stand tall and enjoy the glide.

The Albatross features a long, parallel outline to both keep a manageable feel to such a long board, in addition to maximize the effective rail line while at trim. Over three inches of thickness gently tapers out to the rails, keeping a lot of volume and stability spread throughout this board. The flat bottom entry is all planing surface, minimizing any drag for high-speed section beating. The tail end V-bottom and pintail give it surprising ease rail-to-rail and turn agility. Soft, full rails from the nose transition to a hard release edge out the tail to eliminate any tail drag and project out of bottom turns. 

Finished Board Specs:

  • 10'2" x 23 3/4" x 3 1/4" 
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