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NEW- 5'5" Mini Simmons- GreenRail

NEW- 5'5" Mini Simmons- GreenRail

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Brand new 5'5" GreenRail Wegener Mr Simmons model. Built by Nolan and ready to wax up. 

If you're familiar with the evolution of surfboard design, then you've heard of Bob Simmons, who - before there was a surf industry - developed radical new ways of thinking about board design.  Applying science gleaned from naval architecture texts, Simmons melded the performance characteristics of displacement and planing surfaces to obtain performance characteristics unheard of at the time but which are now essentials of most modern surfboard shapes.

In the same vein of experimentation is our friend Jon Wegener, who shares our interest in making and spreading knowledge about alternatives to the standard surfboard.  

We're proud to offer the Mr. Simmons, Jon's re-evolved interpretation of the now famous mini-Simmons style board.  Jon's take of the tombstone-outlined original includes a subtle single-to-double concave, some belly through  the nose, progressive rails, and good volume for paddling. You can get this board in foam direct from Wegener Surfboards, and now, in wood, from Grain Surfboards.

Finished Board Specs

  • 5'-5" x 21" x 2-9/16" / Volume 35.70

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