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NEW- 7'4" Tern GreenRail

NEW- 7'4" Tern GreenRail

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Fresh from the shaping room, this 7'4" Tern was built by John H. and is available right now! 

The Tern is a pintail mid-length that draws influence from retro shapes to bring style and flow to waves with a little more juice. Born from wanting to push some of our classic mid-length boards like the Seed and Sapling into bigger and steeper surf, the Tern excels with control at speed. 

The Tern features a sleek, pulled-in outline with a very drawn-out pintail for holding tight in the pocket. It has a good amount of lift in the nose to stick steeper drops, and moderate rocker throughout to handle a variety of surf sizes without compromising speed. The volume is concentrated in the center for good buoyancy, tapering to a thin nose, tail and moderate rails leaving this board feeling smooth and maneuverable at speed and not at all “chunky”. A single-to-double concave bottom creates lift at speed, and channels water through the fins out the back. Designed for a 2+1 setup, for a single fin feel with added hold for bigger days.

This board is complete, ready for wax and is located in our York Maine shop. Local pickup is available or contact us for a shipping quote. 

  • Finished Board Specs: 7'4" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" / Volume 47.9 L


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