From Kit to Completion: A Family Builds Memories at Grain

From Kit to Completion: A Family Builds Memories at Grain

Sometimes, the best way to finish what you started is to start on a whole new adventure! That's exactly what the Wiggins family did at one of our recent workshops. We caught up with Zack and Turner, brothers from North Carolina, after the 5-day workshop to learn more about their experience here at Grain.

Since their dad's medical diagnosis, Zack and Turner, along with their father, Hart, have been on a mission to enjoy learning new things together. Facing a potential future when travel may be more challenging, they're making the most of their time now. Theirs is a truly amazing bond to witness.

Hart, a seasoned woodworker with over 50 years of experience, undoubtedly provided a head start with tools for his sons. However, the real treasure of their time here wasn't technical expertise. "Spending quality time with Dad and my brother was definitely the highlight," shared Zack.

About 13 years ago, Zack ordered a HomeGrown kit. The Wiggins have been following Grain ever since, but their kit project kept getting sidelined by life's busy schedule. "We had been piddling around with the kit for years, but work always gets in the way!" explained Zack. "Last November, our dad received a diagnosis, and I decided we needed to finish what we started. The best way to do that would be to take a trip to Maine and build one with y’all!"

We're so glad they did! While we often see parents building boards with their kids, it's less common to have a family with such extensive woodworking knowledge like the Wiggins. Talking shop with them was not only fun but we learned a thing or two as well about wood types we’re less familiar with. 

Since 2008, we've been teaching workshops, and one of our greatest joys is connecting with our students. You definitely don't need half a century of woodworking experience, as Zack put it, "You're only as good as your instructor, and Theo was amazing!"

With every workshop we typically learn at least one way we can better share our building process. We’re ever-evolving and are so grateful for every single person who walks through our doors as it makes us better at what we do and what we offer. 

We were stoked to spend time with the Wiggins family and hope to see more families come in and share their stories like Zack, Turner, and Hart did. Every time they mentioned a personal experience, they lit up and let us in, that’s something that makes doing what we do so damn worth it!


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