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1/2 Day Skateboard Workshop

1/2 Day Skateboard Workshop

$90.00 workshop tuition - full price varies by board set up, see workshop details for more information.


Included: Instruction, use of a shaping station and tools

Choice of deck blank (30", 42" or 48"; single-kick or longboard)
House Skate Package (Truck/wheel/bearing/spacers) or Carver Premium package
Leave your deck for us to finish

Note: additional materials costs required based on your choice of deck - $50 for the cruiser, $65 for the longboard and $80 for the XL longboard.

Truck/wheels/bearings house set up is $125. Carver premium packages $165-$180. Feel free to bring your own trucks/wheels/bearings. Youths welcome - ages 11 and under require parent to be present.

Workshop Description-

Each class runs from 1pm- 4pm. Signup for our workshops reserves you a spot and covers the instruction and use of our tools, however; additional charges are due on site depending on the size of deck you choose, and if you purchase hardware with us (trucks, wheels, bearings, etc).  =

During this 3-hour workshop students begin with the blank--a rectangular skateboard deck with the contours and rocker set, but not the profile/shape of the deck.  Each blank is made individually by our instructors with no two looking the same--different veneers and stringer arrangements offer truly unique looks to each blank with different coloration to grain patterns.  After finding a blank that strikes a cord, the student will template, cut, and shape their blank into their very own skateboard deck!  We will use one our or signature templates, or create one specifically for and with the student to map out the overall shape. Once templated, we will teach proper technique and safety in the use of our tools, which include the bandsaw, block planes, and spokeshave, as well as how to sand wood properly to create a clean finish.

At the end of the workshop the student will have a one-of-a-kind skateboard deck that is ready for the spar urethane finish which will be done at home.  This brush-on finish is easy to apply, and each student will receive a bottle and instructional booklet on how to apply properly.  There is truly nothing like riding something you’ve created yourself, come by and experience the joy and satisfaction of building your own skateboard!


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