Build Your Next Board For Less

BYQ is an incentive plan that encourages you to keep the momentum and build your next dream board. If you’ve bought a custom board from us, taken a workshop in Maine, New York or on the road, or built a board from one of our HomeGrown Kits, this program is for you. Add a second board to your quiver by signing up for a class or buying a kit, and we’ll offer you 10% off the price. Building your third board (or fourth or fifth...) by way of a kit or workshop, we'll take 15% off. It’s that easy!

*This program is intended for all HomeGrown & PlyBeam Kit customers and Workshop students, past, present or future. ** Discounts do not apply towards custom boards, paper plans, framesets, downloadable plans, or other DIY products and cannot be shared with friends. They'll have to start with their own right-of-passage first board!