Introducing Our All New PlyBeam Surfboard Kit

Introducing Our All New PlyBeam Surfboard Kit

For almost two decades, we’ve been singularly focused on designing and building the best wooden surfboards by hand, and for most of that time we’ve offered kits for home builders, helping our customers to enjoy the process along with us.  From time to time, we've reflected on some our earliest board building concepts for inspiration. 

Thousands of home builds later, we’ve listened to your feedback, looked at every step, thought about each tool needed and paused at each hurdle; and then strived to create a simpler more intuitive method for homebuilders. 

One of our first experimental cork rail boards built back in 2005. 

Today, we’re proud to introduce our latest innovation, our new PlyBeam Surfboards Kits. Designed to be simpler to build and require fewer tools and set up. With full online instructions and videos, these kits get you out of the shop and on the water faster.

Up close details of some of the built-in technology, all in an effort to make it the most intuitive process we can. 

Dry fitting the bottom planks to the frame, eliminates the stress of working within the constraints of glue set times. 

Built-in slots and depth indicators, combined with low tech strongbacks and wedges, help ensure the top planks are down tight. 

PlyBeam Kits completely eliminate the need for a complicated shop setup like a rocker table and bar clamps. Our new Kits are fully CNC-machined from Lloyds Certified, FSC Certified marine plywood and each kit includes everything you’ll need to create a complete Grain Surfboard with minimal wood-working skills or tools. High quality, precision-cut plywood parts planks means no gluing up or cutting out planks. Built-in features ensure your board is symmetrical from side to side.

Precision cut cork railbands easily form around the shape of the board. Glue them on, and you'll be shaping in no time. 


Our new construction method allows the frame and bottom planks to be dry fit together before the adhesives are added, nearly eliminating the stress of working within dry times. We’ve redesigned our new, all-natural cork rails to be stepped in height and banded around the board in layers, giving home builders precise guide points to shape to. Rails can simply be applied with tape and shaped with a block of wood and sandpaper. 

On models with a center fin, the built-in fin eliminates the need to router and install a fin box or buy a fin at all, and all three models feature a beautiful built-in leash loop.

Available in our 10' Waterlog, 7'6" Sapling and 5'5" Mini-Simmons shapes. 

Easy to follow step by step instructions, including full videos and photos, are available online for your viewing pleasure. 

We’ve made shipping more affordable and getting started easier with puzzle jointed parts so you’ll be up and building in minutes, seeing real progress from day one. Just cut out the parts and start assembling your board. 

We’re proud of these new kits and the technology they represent: a whole new way to build a beautiful wooden surfboard for surfers and builders who want to get out of the shop and onto the water faster.  

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