Meet The Johnsons

Meet The Johnsons

Rocky Acres Farm is an institution in York. It's been owned and operated by the same family for generations.

Once called Grand View Farm for it's unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean and Nubble Lighthouse (trees now where there was farmland), Rocky Acres farm is one of the last open "rural" pieces of land east of Route One. The farm once covered 80 acres and stretched all the way to Long Sands Beach. While smaller now, it still continues as a hub of simple, sustainable, family living.

Rocky Acres Farm has worn a lot of hats over the year. It's been a working farm (you can still find some rasberry bushes today) and family compound, it's housed a wholesale produce supplier, boatshop, wood shop, wholesale cheese warehouse, lobster outlet and more.

Old Fords and flannels. Like it was meant to be.

Today, Randy and Reenie Johnson run the property and heat their home with veggie oil collected from around town. Their kids and grandkids all call Rocky Acres their home away from home, spending summer days runnin' amuck around the field and skipping stones in the pond. Molly Johnson, her husband Nick (Mikes bro and Grain photog) and their son Leo live across the field in an uber-efficient passive solar house.

There's a seasonal farm stand next door to our new shop that runs from May-September serving up fresh hot coffee and baked goods in the am, honey from the beehives right on the property, and local veggies and fruit all day. Feel like staying on site? You can rent a cottage just a few feet from the Grain shop through Air B&B.

If this place sounds like home, we agree! We can't wait to share it with all of you. And thanks for giving to our Indiegogo campaign.

Feels like Home

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