Project Vermont by Outerknown x Grain Surfboards -  One of a Kind Surfboard Bags

Project Vermont by Outerknown x Grain Surfboards - One of a Kind Surfboard Bags

One of the things we’ve felt most fortunate about over all these years doing what we do, is being able to collaborate with like-minded brands doing what they do! 

Lise-Anne and Scott of Outerknown’s Project Vermont have longtime experience with upcycling (turning something old into something new) and extending the usable life of materials and machines. Project Vermont creations help divert unused textile material from landfills, furthering Outerknown’s vision toward a circular future.  

The Project Vermont mission is to continuously engage in learning about circular practices while sharing their knowledge and skills collaboratively and pragmatically. They hope to create an upcycling recipe for apparel companies that encourages more circular approaches to manufacturing that help our people and planet. This concept is exactly what our own ‘Re-Evolution’ efforts are all about, working with brands to re-imagine what’s possible. 

Design, innovation, and production of all Project Vermont items happen in their unique studio and shop in quaint downtown St. Albans, VT. Most of their work is created by talented handcrafters working with vintage 1950s Singer 301 sewing machines that they have collected and restored over the years.

Materials are acquired from deadstock (new material and inventory that’s no longer needed), Outerknown production samples and returns, rummage sales and thrift shops and local donations. 

With it, they create Project Vermont originals such as mittens, tote bags, bucket hats, blankets, dog beds of course these beautiful surfboard bags. 

We’re thrilled and honored to be working with the amazing folks at Outerknown. Check out the bags here:

And if you’re in the Boston area, please stop by and do some shopping at their Newbury Street store and check out an awesome display that they invited us to do on who we are and what we do. 

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