Surf Re-Evolution 2023

Surf Re-Evolution 2023

Surf Re-Evolution is more than just a catchphrase; it's a profound ideology that advocates for socially responsible and values-based businesses to reshape the world of commerce. It's about fostering a different way of doing business, one that prioritizes longevity over planned obsolescence, sustainability over passing on environmental costs, and building communities around concepts rather than exploiting consumers within a broken system.

In the coastal town of York, Maine,  we host an annual event that celebrates this transformative idea. Gathering like-minded individuals who share this vision, we invite special guests who exemplify these principles through their innovative actions. From re-evolving materials and design to embracing sustainability and DIY attitudes, these individuals are instrumental in creating positive change in the world, and they are deeply admired for their contributions.

A Gathering of Minds

The event is an occasion for all those who believe in the Re-Evolution ethos to come together and share their passion for a better world. Vendors include surfers, creatives, product developers, environmentalists, inspiring brands, and activists, all united by a common purpose: to model a more ethical and responsible way of doing things.

These guests are leading the charge in sustainable practices, conscious design, and innovative thinking. They are a source of inspiration and motivation for those striving to make a positive impact in their own fields. And of course, you’re invited to attend. 

Sharing waves, craft, art and ideas

Throughout the event, attendees immerse themselves in the surf culture and the celebration of creativity, art, and ideas. The day starts with an informal sharing of boards and waves. All are welcome. In the afternoon, the main event takes place at Grains headquarters, two blocks from the beach. Talks, presentations, Q&As, live music, food, live art, and hands-on demonstrations fill the day. Surf Re-evolution is as powerful as an activist movement and as simple as a day of sun and surf with the friends of Grain Surfboards. 

This year’s event has been made possible by some amazing organizations doing right by people and the planet. Folks like our event partner, The Momentum, are giving brands and individuals with a priority on sustainability a recognized platform. A huge thanks to our event sponsors, who are truly conducting their businesses in an exemplary manner. These include  Parley for the Oceans, Outerknown, Stones Throw, Entropy Resins, and Allagash Brewing Co

Want to attend Surf Re-Evolution? Join us on September 16th for a day of sun and surf!

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