Surf Re-Evolution Mini Series: Marty Parichand, Outdoor New England

Surf Re-Evolution Mini Series: Marty Parichand, Outdoor New England

Join us on Saturday December 9th in our showroom for a conversation with Marty from Outdoor New England.

Date: 12/09/2023

Time: 5:30PM

Where: 73 webber rd. York, ME

Marty Parichand is an adventurer turned visionary, whose journey into whitewater rapids ignited a lifelong passion. At 16, he plunged headfirst into the world of whitewater on Maine's Penobscot River, enduring relentless rain from Epsom, N.H., to Millinocket. His baptism into the sport wasn't just exhilarating but a trial by rapids, swimming across five in mere moments before deciding this was his calling.

As the founder and executive director of Mill City Park in Franklin, N.H., Marty, now 40, is living his dream while transforming his town. His background as an electrical and electronics engineer, combined with his ownership of Outdoor New England, a hub for whitewater gear, and his partnership in a real estate firm, laid the groundwork for his ambitious endeavor.

His vision for the park, inspired by thriving Colorado counterparts, was met with skepticism initially. Undeterred, Marty pressed on, even amid personal challenges—a divorced father striving to make ends meet while pursuing his passion. The journey wasn't without setbacks, like the daunting renovation of an old mill building to house his shop and the initial disbelief from naysayers in Franklin.

However, Marty's perseverance became the catalyst for change. By 2016, the city recognized the park's potential, rallying behind Marty's vision for economic revival. His leadership, described as visionary and tenacious, steered the project through hurdles and opposition.

The park, encompassing 13 acres and featuring three whitewater sections including an Olympic slalom course, not only promises outdoor adventure but also serves as a beacon for revitalization. Its impact extends beyond recreational pursuits, spurring the growth of new businesses in Franklin—a testament to Marty's unwavering dedication.

In Marty Parichand's narrative, the journey from battling rapids to transforming a town exemplifies resilience, foresight, and an unwavering spirit—a testament to how a singular passion can redefine communities and pave the way for a brighter future.

Come hang with Marty and our crew to learn more about how one man's endeavor is fostering a community. 

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