The Tried & true: Updated Shapes and More Sizes!

The Tried & true: Updated Shapes and More Sizes!

While we've added some new shapes here and there, our board line-up hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years. Why? Well, we’ve received lots of positive feedback about our boards. We’re also not a follower of short-lived trends. The process of creating a new shape in our hollow wooden construction method is much more involved than buzzing a new creation out of a block of foam, so we’ve been deliberate about the shapes we’ve created and shared. 

To stand the test of time, though, periodic updates and improvements are necessary. We constantly want to make our boards better—more sustainable, less confusing to build, stronger, in some cases lighter, and always more fun to ride! With the recent addition of an in-house CNC machine and our board modeling skills ever-so refined, we feel it’s time for some updates on our favorite shapes. So, we are excited to announce that a big portion of our line-up is getting board-by-board revisions plus added sizes for each model!

Like peanut butter and jelly, the Waterlog and a waist high day just go good together. 

Where have the ideas for these updates come from? All over really, from our own crew to anyone we’ve ever surfed or chatted with. We try all the shapes we can when we’re not riding our own boards. Any time there’s swell one of us is most likely scheduling part of the day to run off and catch a quick session. Over the years we’ve ridden our boards in lots of different conditions. Mental notes, white board sketches and scraps of paper have accumulated. Little things we’ve noticed in the way each board rides, in the subtle new ways we shape each model.  Plus, we’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback from all of you! With all the surfers we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with over the years through workshops, kit builds, shop visits and demo days, as well as those who ride boards we’ve built them, there’s been plenty of outside testing performed in more places than we’ll ever get to.

And we experiment - with materials, shapes, construction methods - come by the shop and you’ll notice a handful of crew-built prototypes in the rack. We’re passionate about it.  

Putting the Wherry through it's paces. 

Over time, we’ve filtered and cross checked all the notes and mentions and feedback into a specific list for each board. And we’re tackling each model, one-by-one; tweaking outlines, rocker curves, rail profiles, volume distribution, fin locations, and finally scaling for more sizes!

Over the course of 2019, look for periodic announcements of the revised models with the new sizes we are offering. Have any thoughts about a board we offer or one you think we should? Email them to and help us curate the line-up to last as long as our boards do.

We've already finished updating the Waterlog, Root, and Sapling. Individual stories about these boards will be posted in the coming weeks. Check out their new look and descriptions in our board pages, they are all availabe as kits, plans, and workshop builds!

The new Root pintail!

Our new Root features a sleek pintail outline and turned down rails. 

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