We’re excited to introduce our New 'GreenRail' construction method. Hand built in our shop in Maine, these boards are built using the same local sustainable cedar that we’ve always used. But you'll find a significant sustainability upgrade in the perimeter rails of these boards... We’ve engineered a new construction method that marries the best of our wood board construction with the benefit of a solid, hand shaped GreenRail made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.  Not only that, but almost all the waste produced from these rails is recycled to complete the circle. 

Even better, this new line of boards is available at a new low price, dramatically below that of our original all-wood construction. We plan to keep as many of these in stock as we can, so if you just can't wait to ride a Grain board, this may be your play, because we ship in-stock boards to you just as soon as we can crate them. If you don't see the board you're looking for in stock, you can order a GreenRail board custom built for you on any board.

Shapes Available In GreenRail