Our Original Construction utilizes 100% local (Maine grown), sustainably-managed cedar for planks and rails strips, all of which are milled to exacting standards, fitted and joined together to form the complex shapes of a surfboard. We use traditional edge tools such as drawknives, handplanes, spokesaves and chisels to shape the final details.  While we beleive no board is ever 'perfect', this original all wood construction represents our highest level of craftsmanship and we believe each board we build can, with proper care, last a lifetime with very few signs of wear and tear. 

Since each Grain board is custom built for you especially, we will ask you about options such as glass-on fins and leash loops, wood patterns and stringer styles, custom artwork, and even modifications to our stock shapes to suit your surfing style. Modest customizations are provided at no extra cost, but some will add to the base prices shown.