• 4-Day Workshop

    The 4-day class is perfect for anyone with limited time. Just tell the boss you need a long weekend!

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  • 5-Day Workshops

    A more immersive experience than our 4-day workshops, we'll take the week to cover each stage from picking planks to final sanding.

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  • Private Workshop

    For a week (or two), it’s just you at your own shaping stand with your own board builder guiding you through the process of building a board you’ll have forever.

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  • Skateboard Workshop

    Join us for a 3 hour workshop, see how our boards are pressed, and create your own one-of-a-kind skateboard using our tools and under our watchful eye.

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  • Waka

  • The Wherry

  • The Seed

  • The Sapling

  • The Pandan

" I never thought i could do this, I've never done anything like this before. But these last few days, this has been the experience of a lifetime" - Paul