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NEW- 3 Day Workshops in York Maine

NEW- 3 Day Workshops in York Maine

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Introducing our New 3-day workshop. Build your own wooden surfboard with a hollow core construction and perimeter rail band of cork. 

With years of R&D behind us, and some exciting new materials in our shop. we've condensed our 5-day process into an efficient and fun 3-day weekend. Choose from any model we offer in our workshops, and build your board using the same cedar planks and internal frame we always use, but with rails built of cork. The use of cork means less clamping, expedited gluing times and accelerated construction process. All the while maintaining the satisfaction of shaping a your own board with traditional tools. 

Benefits of this workshop include less days away from family and work. Less hours per day and less intensive process. A lower price then our 5-day workshop. 

Click here to learn more about our materials.

With your own two hands. Making a wooden surfboard by hand is quite a rewarding experience! Join us at our shop as we guide you through the creation of your very own board. 

Three days in, beautiful board out. The3-day class is perfect for anyone with limited time. Just tell the boss you need a long weekend! You'll start by assembling your frame and glueing it down to your bottom planks on a rocker table. Tops go on at the end of day one. Day two you'll refine your outline and attach the cork rails. Day three is all about cleaning up the board, shaping the rails and sanding and signing your creation.  If you don't see a date that works for you, be sure to check out our 5-day workshops in Maine. Or contact us to schedule a private class just for you. 

More than a board, it's an experience. Come to learn new woodworking skills, because you already love working with wood, or because those typing fingers are yearning to handle a real tool. Come for the experience of working beside Grain's board builders at our shop in Maine just a block from the beach. Come to make memories with new friends, or bring your own friends and family. Finally, come to BUILD YOUR OWN SURFBOARD!

No skills, no problem. Students are guided through the entire process with full use of our shop and tools. Perfect for those of you who want to make your own board but don't want to take on another project at home, or don't have the space, tools, or confidence to get the job done right.

What's included:

  •  All the materials that go into building your board.  Choose one of a dozen different models to build, plus pick your own plank design! 
  • Personal instruction
  • Use of all the tools you'll need to build your board.

Glassing IS NOT included in this class, though we offer glassing and shipping services for an extra charge. If you plan to glass at home, glassing materials can be purchased. 

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