Build Your Dream Board - Faster! The 3-Day Weekend Workshop

Build Your Dream Board - Faster! The 3-Day Weekend Workshop

Building your own wooden surfboard in one of our workshops offers you the chance to combine your passion for surfing with a traditional process that reveals everyone’s inner craftsperson. And we’ve been teaching workshops longer than almost anyone. We've honed nearly 20 years of R&D, pushing new materials and new processes, forever with an emphasis on reducing our footprint. 

Introducing our NEW- 3-Day Weekend Workshop

We love our customers and we take feedback to heart. One thing we hear from time to time is while people love the full experience, there are some looking for a shortened experience and a process that’s slightly less in-depth. So this year we’re proud to launch a new 3-day board building experience. How did we do it? We simply looked back. 

This workshop maintains the hollow core construction just like all of our boards do, but uses a banded rail made from cork, a material we used in our first few years building boards in the basement. Your core gets built faster, rails are added with ease and shaping is super fun. At $1600, It’s priced lower than any of our other workshops, and on top of that, there’s more time for surfing! 

How do the days break down:

Day One: You'll start off by assembling your frame and gluing it to your bottom planks using our a rocker table. Once blocking is added, you’ll spend some time prepping and adding your top planks. This completes the core of the board.

Day Two: This day is all about the outline. You'll carefully clean up the outline of your board using hand tools. In the afternoon you’ll add the cork rail around the perimeter of the board and set it to dry overnight.

Day Three: It’s shaping day. You’ll use special Shinto rasps and sandpaper to blend the cork rails into the contours of the core of the board. After that, we’ll walk you through creating a series of bevels that will slowly become your finished rail shape. By the end of the day, after a little sanding, you’ll sign and brand your new board and it’ll be ready for glass. 

The benefits of this new workshop go beyond your experience with us. We understand the potential impacts of time spent away from family and work. With fewer days away and reduced hours per day, you'll find a great balance between creating your dream surfboard and keeping up with life outside of the shop. 


This new workshop is offered almost every month this year. Check out more information here, and sign up for our 3-day workshop today!

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