Meet The Shearwater

Meet The Shearwater

One of our favorite parts of our job is dreaming up shapes, and scheming new ways of achieving beautiful curves in natural and recycled materials. But building boards the way we do requires some pretty advanced technology, and we’re often more comfortable with a simple spokeshave in our hands. But the Shearwater marks the beginning of some big changes in our in-house design process and we’re excited to share more exciting news and shapes in the coming months. 

A testament to innovation and inspired by the effortless elegance of a bird skimming the ocean's surface, the Shearwater embraces speed with a seamless grace that mirrors its feathered namesake.

The Shearwater stretches the boundaries of the fish outline, nestling itself into that perfect sweet spot among other shapes we love. It offers the paddling ease of a mid-length with the thrilling acceleration of a fish, all wrapped up in a manageable, glider-like form.

What makes the Shearwater special is its universal appeal. We’ve tested this board with guys and girls, big waves and small, and each time, the feedback is nothing but positive. Whether you're a die-hard longboarder looking to fill a new spot in your quiver or stepping up to a mid-length, the shearwater might just be that magic board. 

But let's talk details. The Shearwater is meticulously designed for maximum trimming speed. Its relaxed rocker and extended parallel rails ensure a seamless glide, all while maintaining a lower overall volume for those easy duck dives. The finely foiled rails provide that crucial grip on those adrenaline-pumping steeper faces.

It features a single concave under the front half for effortless lift during transitions, smoothly transitioning into a spiral V at the tail for enhanced maneuverability in making those pivotal turns.

Best thing about the Shearwater? This new shape is available as a custom board, or build it yourself with a HomeGrown Kit, or in one of our workshops

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