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The Shearwater

The Shearwater

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  • 'GreenRail' Custom Board Price Starts at $1650 
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  • Add $200 to the above pricing for 'Tailored Dims'. We'll reach out with a form to tell us what you're thinking about.
Meet the Shearwater, inspired by the bird that effortlessly skims the waves with its wings extended. Like its feathered namesake, this board is all about speed with ease.

Stretching out the fish outline, the Shearwater inhabits a sweet spot among shapes we really love. Paddle it with the ease of a midlength and feel the acceleration of the tail end of a fish. Riding the Shearwater is like piloting a glider in a smaller, more manageable form. Whether you’re an avid longboarder looking for something smaller, or sizing up to a midlength, the longfish shape has really resonated with a diverse range of riders and conditions.

For maximum trimming speed, the Shearwater features a relaxed rocker and long parallel rails. Lower volume overall so you’re still able to duck dive, and finely foiled rails for grip on steeper faces. Single concave under the front half for lift transitions to a spiral V out the tail for added turn-ability. Standard set-up is a twin fin.

Finished Board Specs

  • 7’2” x 21.5" x 2 7/8" / Volume 48 L

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