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HomeGrown Surfboard Kit

HomeGrown Surfboard Kit

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Most of the boards in our line are offered as complete DIY kits. While some woodworking experience can be helpful, if you’re good with your hands, can work carefully with an attention to detail and follow written instructions, you should be able to tackle this project with great success. Most people take 60-80 hours. This can be done in two to three weeks with glue dry times, however most people build boards over several months or more, picking away at it little by little as time allows. While the finished product can feel far away, if you focus on each achievable small step, they'll quickly add up to a beautiful surfboard that you'll always feel proud of. We've helped thousands of people do it. And we know that you’ll love the feeling of dropping into your first wave on a Homegrown Surfboard Kit you built yourself. It’s indescribable.

We were one of the first companies to develop wood surfboard kits back in 2006, and from the beginning we've wanted them to be complete, comprehensible and above all, do-able.  We support our kit builders by phone, email, and in person. We love this process, and we want every surfer to get the same experience we've had, and to paddle out, incredulous, on a gorgeous board they built themselves.


Click here for more information on the tools included and other tools you'll need.

Note: Before you decide on a surfboard kit from someone else, or even one of our other DIY products like plans or frame sets, make sure you understand the total cost of the component materials you'll have to source and buy separately, as well as the time it will take to fill in the gaps of knowledge that aren't covered in their manual. 

Note: Shipping for kits 8' and under will be added on at check out. Kits over 8' exceed normal small package service and require freight shipping. We will contact you with a shipping quote within a day or two of receiving your order. If at that time, you decide the shipping is too much, we'll gladly cancel your order and reimburse you in full. 

Kits usually ship in 2-3 weeks, but let us know if there's a rush - once in a while we have a shortage of materials and have to wait for something to come in. You can find tools and other board building supplies and materials you might need, including our precision cut rocker lift sets in our online store.

Note for International Kit Customers: If you're anywhere in Europe, please visit Fyne Boat Kits. These good folks offer all of HomeGrown Kit designs using local woods. If you're anywhere else in the world, note that we may not be able to send you epoxy due to international haz-mat shipping regulations. If this is the case, we'll happily credit you back for the epoxies and any supplies we cant send and we'll do our best to help you find a local epoxy supplier in your part of the world. 

Home build feeling to much to take on? Join us in Maine and let us walk you through the process in one of our workshops. You'll do the building, but we'll be at your side to make sure it all comes together just right. 

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