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DIY Handplane Kit

DIY Handplane Kit

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NOTE- We are currently out of stock on handplanes and handplane kits. We'd recommend checking out Enjoy Handplanes for some great eco-friendly options!

Handplanes are everywhere, and if you haven’t seen or tried one, you’re missing out. They are a blast in the waves and open up a whole new world of waveriding possibilities.

We love shaping handplanes because of the freedom that solid wood gives you. It’s a great way to start out getting acquainted with hand tools and familiarizing yourself with the basic elements of hydrodynamics.

Our handplane blanks are designed with two template shapes lightly engraved in (or you can create your own shape), plus custom engraving to accept our handplane strap hardware. They come with a 100% recycled hand strap and custom attachment hardware (no plastic used), some 120 grit sandpaper, natural polyurethane made from bi-products of the Vermont dairy industry, even some instructions to help you along the way. Grab yourself a spokeshave or blockplane and you’ll be out in the water in no time.







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