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Free Download- The Pug Foldable

Free Download- The Pug Foldable

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The beloved Pug, our 1966 Grumman bread truck has been on the road representing Grain since our very first days in business. It's been up and down the East Coast serving as a mobile surfboard demo center, office, party wagon and home away from home. Recent years has it living on the east end of Long Island taking the Grain NY crew from the shop to the waves.  

Designed by Brad Diggans while drinking a few beers one night, The Pug Foldable was one of our most popular rewards during a Kickstarter project we did some years back. Today, as we're all sitting home looking for distractions from what's happening around us, we're happy to bring back the The Pug Foldable for your enjoyment. Download it for free here, print, fold and enjoy.

Hope to see you, and have the real rig on the road again, soon. 

Share your creativity! Post and tag us @grainsurfboards and #thePugFoldable

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