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Grain X Rise Up- Grain Grinds Coffee

Grain X Rise Up- Grain Grinds Coffee

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We're proud to team up with the good folks at Rise Up Coffee Roasters to offer Grain Grinds coffee.

If Rise Up is any one coffee, they are this coffee from Chajul Guatemala. The Asociación Chajulense Val Vaq Quyol (“Only One Voice”) is a cooperative founded and run by Mayan farmers of the Ixil region. By producing and selling high-quality coffee, textiles, and other organic products, these farmers have helped to realize their vision of sustainable development for their community, encompassing ecological, economic, social, and cultural justice.

Low-toned, with pungent earthy and cedary notes supporting tart citrus and fruit. Rich acidity; milky but lively mouthfeel. Sweet-toned and deep in the finish.

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