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Grain Skateboards: Main Street

Grain Skateboards: Main Street

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Built to turn heads at the park, the Main Street offers up everything you’re looking for in a street/park deck.  Twin variable kicks for “nose” and “tail” of the classic popsicle stick style deck offer different angles for ollies and kickflips, ample concave in the body for extra hold, and strong maple core to handle the rails and landings. 

Our skateboards are made with FCS certified maple cores and up-cycled top and bottom veneers from the furniture industry. Top and bottom veneers domestic hardwoods including Walnut, Cherry, Elm and Red oak with varying stringer combinations.

Completes come equipped with Bones Red Bearings and Carver 65mm/81A ecothane wheels that incorporate soybeans to offset petroleum based urethane. Decks are handmade at our shop in York Maine. All skate decks are one of a kind. Photo's represent a sampling of decks.

31.5" x 8.5" 

Ace trucks and Carver Park Wheels (58 MM 95A) or softer street wheels Carver Ecothane (65MM 81A)



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