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Jack Plane - Strapped

Jack Plane - Strapped

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NOTE- We are currently out of stock on handplanes and handplane kits. We'd recommend checking out Enjoy Handplanes for some great eco-friendly options!

Jack planes are found on just about every craftsman's workbench – it's even the tool you see in the Grain Surfboards logo.  We named this cool hand-board after the Jack Plane for one simple reason: every surfer should have one.  With a wide, flat bottom, a swallow tail, and a wing rail thrown in for fun. 

This is our new, strapped version with an advanced super-green strap system made of re-purposed bicycle inner-tube and wetsuit scraps.  With flush-mounted brass attachments that use no plastic and make it a snap to install or adjust the strap fit for winter mitts or bare-handing it.  Unlike any other hand-plane you’ll ever own.

15-1/2" x 8-3/8"

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