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Lovelace- Thick Lizzy

Lovelace- Thick Lizzy

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Finished Board Specs
  • 7'-11" x 22" x 2-7/8" / Volume 54.2 L

 We’re stoked to work with well-known Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace to offer one of Ryan’s favorites, the foiled-out mini-glider he calls the Thick Lizzy. This board came from Ryan’s desire for a midlength to be fun in flatter faced and lower quality surf but could also perform without restriction in tighter pockets and pumping point breaks.

The Thick Lizzy features an almost identical 50/50 outline, glider style 70/30 down rails, and a double concave through the tail. It rides high on the water's surface and is fast to get on plane through flatter sections but provides lots of hold and bite on the rail to handle steeper surf. It’s foil and deck shape makes it really walkable for a midlength, so it can be cheater fived for miles! The Thick Lizzy rides like a smaller board due to the constant curve in the outline and decently progressive tail rocker while still falling into that “flat & fast” category.

You can get this board in foam direct from Ryan, and now, in wood, from Grain Surfboards

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