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PERFORMANCE QUAD- 6' Wherry GreenRail

PERFORMANCE QUAD- 6' Wherry GreenRail

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New 6' Wherry built by Nolan, in the racks in our showroom and ready to go. A great board for late fall and winter waves.

The Wherry is our modern fish, designed to excel in steeper wave conditions and push harder into the performance surfing realm. Named for the boats that bridge the gap between narrow racing shells wider rowboats, this sleek swallowtail is still a fish at heart, but with more finely tuned features taken from modern shortboards. Born from storm surf of New England, the Wherry likes a bit of power to the wave and is ready to shred!

The Wherry features a more aggressive, pulled-in outline, narrowing the nose and tail from a traditional fish shape. Increased nose and tail rocker allow for steeper drops, tighter turns, and better fit into hollow sections. Full volume in the center allows easier paddling and earlier entry into waves, while the finely-tuned, down rails provide crucial grip on steeper faces and more extreme carving turns. Single concave under the front foot for lift and speed transitioning to a spiral “V” out the tail, further increasing the rail to rail maneuverability of this fish. Available as a twin or quad fin.

 Finished Board Specs

  • 6’-0” x  21 1/16″ x  2 9/16″ / Volume- 34.2L

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