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A CUSTOMER FAVORITE- 7'6" Sapling- GreenRail

A CUSTOMER FAVORITE- 7'6" Sapling- GreenRail

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This freshly polished board features some pretty incredible planks top and bottom. The rails on our GreenRail boards utilize 100% recycled PET plastic, with each board removing about 33 plastic bottles from the waste stream. 

The Sapling is our very versatile midlength fun-board, it’s a higher volume “egg” that's still responsive enough to maneuver from the lip and quick enough to carry you through fast sections. A great “short board” for larger riders or transitioning longboarders, or an all-around one board quiver!

The Sapling has a moderate rocker, maintaining paddle speed while having enough nose lift to stick steeper drops. The wide-point sits directly under the chest, concentrating the float under the rider when paddling, flowing back to the elegantly tapered tail, allowing the rider to initiate and complete fluid turns. A single-to-double concave bottom creates lift at speed, and channels water through the fins for speed out the back. 60/40 rails keep a good bit of volume for a stable platform, transitioning to tucked edge out the back for speed when you need it.

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