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Board Plans- Dowloadable or HardCopy

Board Plans- Dowloadable or HardCopy

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If you don't need the guidance and support that comes with a full surfboard kit, we've developed a complete set of plans, available as a downloadable PDF (not a CNC cut file) or printed on plotter paper and shipped to you, that will get you well on your way to a great board. 

On our Board Plans we've included full-scale keel and frames, nose and tail templates, board outline, and a few construction detail notes. These frames and keel are the inside shape of the board, accounting for a 1/4" plank thickness to be added back to the board and include notches, lightening holes, finbox locations and more. We also include a 46-page guide that covers the high points of the building process including dimensions to mill your planks and rails and an outline of the construction method. Buy your own spray adhesive, jigsaw and plywood, and get creative with re-purposed or reclaimed wood - let your creativity guide you.

NOTE that this a PDF, it is NOT a cut file to be run on a CNC machine. 

SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW: We designed these Board Plans for a limited number of builders, they are NOT for everyone. We intend them to help those who:

·Have experience building boards of this construction (for example have taken a class or built a kit)

·Have some unique construction ideas and just need a frameset of a proven shape to get started

·Just like to figure things out on their own

Please consider carefully whether you can manage to build your own with no guidance other than your own experience, ingenuity, our 46-page guide and the advice of friends. 

For those who haven’t built a board like this before, we recommend starting with a complete Homegrown Kit or by joining us for a workshop. Above all, we want you to be successful in building your own board, so if you buy printed plans and then decide it’s over your head, we'll credit $50 toward the purchase price of a full Homegrown Kit. Just call us and we’ll take care of it.

For hard copy plans, please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Digital files are available for immediate download. 


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