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Custom Solid Wood Paipo

Custom Solid Wood Paipo

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Paipo's, Hawaii'n for a style of prone ridden craft or belly board, comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the waves you ride, your size and weight and your style of riding. We've been building paipos since day one and have experimented with a lot of varieties. Built of solid cedar, these are super-fun traditional surf craft that anyone can use. Designed for hold in steep critical waves, or looser and more slippery for smaller fun surf, these boards make the most of any wave and will increase your wave count dramatically due to the pure fun of the ride. Not a kit, this board is ready for surf as soon as you get it... all you need are a pair of swim fins.  Coated with a tough, all-natural wood finish and wood-burned with the distinctive Grain logo.

Photos represent some of the shapes we offer. See something you like or want to work with us to create your own shape or size? Place your order, get in the queue and we'll be in touch to discuss the details. 


    • Full price will be around $600 depending on any customizations. $300 is a deposit amount.
    • Shipping will be calculated at check out. 

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