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Set of Bead & Cove Strips

Set of Bead & Cove Strips

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Milling up your own planks can be fun but making your own bead and cove strips is tedious exacting work and requires a router set up and some specialized bits. We've gotten enough calls from people just looking for strips that we decided it's time to get serious and add them to our site. 

Our bead and cove strips measure 3/8" tall from the top of the bead to the bottom of the cove wall. This is shorter then most canoe and kayak companies offer because the radius's on surfboards is much tight then those on a boat. Strips are milled at 5/16" wide, leaving a 1/16" "shoulder" on the outside of each strip. These shoulders are sacrificial and can take some abuse and scarring from glue, a slipping clamp or a dull edge tool. Once the board is built, first step in shaping is to carefully shave away these shoulders until the strips are at their final thickness of 1/4". 

Sold in bundles of 24 strips which should easily cover the rails of most any surfboard. We'll also include a few chines and starter strips (the foundation strips for bead and cove strips) to get you going. 

Makes a great add-on if you're buying paper plans or a frameset. Note that bead and cove strips ARE included in our HomeGrown Kits. 


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