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The Cutwater

The Cutwater

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* Place a Board Deposit now and we’ll get you started toward building your dream board. Full Amount will be due when the board is ready to ship.

    'GreenRail' Custom Board Price Starts at $1600 
    'Original Construction' Custom Board Price Starts at $2650

    Finished Board Specs
  • 9’6" x 22 7/8″x 3 1/8″ / Volume 77.39 L

  • Designed purely for tip-time, the Cutwater is our take on the classic noserider for those under-chest-high log sessions. Our rocker is inspired by old-school shapers that flipped foam blanks around, nose-to-tail, to get maximum tail-kick and a low nose. A deep, natural, concave under its beak runs to a flat-bottom midsection and a super-swept square-tail. Dimensions like those, along with 50/50 rails, are why this board allows you to get a walk in while you ride. So, either lock yourself in the pocket or drag along for a slow dance on the tip.
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